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Wheel-to-wheel sports car racing requires a unique blend of physical exertion, mental focus, and situational awareness.  To remain focused for the entire duration of an event, a certain calmness and lack of bodily tension must be present.  Tension in the back and shoulders through to the hands inhibit the critical eye-to-hand coordination necessary to be able to execute on the race track in a very competitive environment.

Rolfing has enabled me to retain a relaxed grip with steering and shifting eliminating fatigue and muscle cramping.  I recently completed a 3-hour enduro race solo and finished the race very strong with metal clarity, little fatigue, and no muscle soreness.

Michael Gaudet Spec Miata #37

Shari Clark has remarkable mind/body connections with humans and equines. She has a healing touch that conforts and empowers.

Ann Hayes and Twilite