Your health and safety are of paramount importance during the COVID-19 pandemic and always when working with Shari.

Shari is following all COVID-19 precautions, including:

  • Wearing a mask at all times
  • Running an in-office air purifier
  • Sanitizing the office between sessions
  • Hand washing between sessions
  • COVID testing once per month – all tests negative

For your convenience, here is some up-to-date information about the COVID-19 vaccine:

The FDA has currently given emergency use authorization to two COVID-19 vaccines: Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna. These vaccines are based on messenger RNA (mRNA), and this type of technology for use in vaccines has been studied for nearly two decades. 

Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine

Data has shown that the vaccine starts working soon after the first dose and has an efficacy rate of 95% seven days after the second dose. This means that about 95% of people who get the vaccine are protected from becoming seriously ill with the virus. It requires two injections given 21 days apart.

Moderna vaccine

Data has shown that the vaccine has an efficacy rate of 94.1%. This vaccine requires two injections given 28 days apart.

How do the vaccines work?

Both the Pfizer/BioNTech and the Moderna COVID-19 vaccines use mRNA. Coronaviruses have a structure on their surface called an S-protein. COVID-19 mRNA vaccines give cells instructions for how to make this protein and display it on cell surfaces. Your immune system will recognize that the protein doesn’t belong there and begin building an immune response and making antibodies. Once the protein is made by your cells the instructions (mRNA), get broken down and the cell gets rid of it. 

What the vaccines do:

  • Protect you from getting sick with COVID-19

What the vaccines don’t do:

  • Does not affect our DNA in any way, mRNA is prevented from even entering the same area of the cell where DNA is located

Why should you get the vaccine?

COVID-19 symptoms can persist for months and the virus can damage your lungs, heart, and brain, increasing the risk of long-term health effects. 

Even young, healthy people can feel ill and fatigues for months after infection.

Get the vaccine for your community, your family, and yourself. 

When can I get the vaccine in Colorado?

Up-to-date information on the vaccine in Colorado:

You may not get automatically enrolled in a vaccination program, please check the below pages to find out how to sign-up to receive additional information and instructions about the vaccine. 

Vaccine providers in Colorado by county:

References and for more information about the vaccines go to: