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Shari is a Licensed Aethetician and graduate of The Concentric Healing Institute of Holistic Aethetics, Boulder Colorado. Shari has a specialty in Chinese facial diagnostics which helps the client determine dietary needs, skin care products and regimen.

Sanitas skin care products are non-toxic and biogenic, meaning they know how to give your skin exactly what it needs. The products “train” your skin and benefit every layer. Biogenic ingredients are elements that already exists in the body, so the body can use them for nourishment without toxicity or allergenicity.

This concentration of biogenic ingredients is one of the reasons that Sanitas Skin care products are so effective in her practice.

THE HOLISTIC FACE and Sanitas Skin Care Products promote healthy beautiful skin by stimulation and nourishment of the skin tissue. As an Advanced Certified Rolfer, Shari also includes soft tissue work in her treatments.


Stimulation-Alpha Hydroxy Acids,Beta Hydroxy Acids, enzymes and extracts exfoliate and stimulate skin cells and structures (moisture factors, fibroblasts, and immune cells). This process encourages fresh layers to the surface and enhance skin tissue growth.


Your skin grows at rest.


Topical Nourishment-As younger cells arive at the skins surface, topical nutrients, including Vitamins A,C,D.E,K and Essential Fatty Acids and Peptides nourish and accelerate the growth process topically.

Internal Nourishment-The skin grows from substances that are put into the diet through nutrition and supplementation. Sanitas supplements support and enhance healthy skin from the inside out.

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