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I’ve been going for Rolfing work from Shari for years. She keeps my body tuned up for my mountaineering and cycling adventures. My legs are usually tight from cycling and Shari loosens them up nicely. I’ve also had problems with my hands falling asleep and she has fixed this as well. Highly recommended.


Shari is fantastic! I started seeing Shari several years ago to help regain range of motion after having knee surgery. Thanks to her knowledge and skill I was able to get back to the sports I love, running and snowboarding! Shari has also been incredibly helpful at reducing and eliminating hand and shoulder pain.


I went to see Shari for help with my tinnitus. Although her expert rolfing didn’t make my ringing go away, which was a long shot anyway, I found her sessions to be profoundly relaxing and therapeutic on both an emotional as well as a physical level, and I learned a lot about the way I held my body, which has had a lasting impact. Thank you.


I first visited Rolfing Works Limited and Shari MacCallum more than two years ago for severe neck pain. Shari’s deft touch and comprehensive knowledge of rolfing and the fascial system very successfully addressed my chronic neck pain. Since then, Shari has helped me regain range of motion and a significantly improved my overall we’ll-being. She offers a very clean and comfortable space and her therapeutic rolfing work is the best I’ve encountered. I highly recommend Shari MacCallum and her rolfing.


Wheel-to-wheel sports car racing requires a unique blend of physical exertion, mental focus, and situational awareness.  To remain focused for the entire duration of an event, a certain calmness and lack of bodily tension must be present.  Tension in the back and shoulders through to the hands inhibit the critical eye-to-hand coordination necessary to be able to execute on the race track in a very competitive environment.

Rolfing has enabled me to retain a relaxed grip with steering and shifting eliminating fatigue and muscle cramping.  I recently completed a 3-hour enduro race solo and finished the race very strong with metal clarity, little fatigue, and no muscle soreness.

Michael Gaudet
Spec Miata #37

Michael Gaudet
Michael Gaudet Miata Race Car #37

Shari Clark has remarkable mind/body connections with humans and equines. She has a healing touch that conforts and empowers.

Ann Hayes and Twilite

Ann Hayes & Twilight