Shari MacCallum Clark Health and Wellness Studio

Equine Rolfing/Structural Integration


Shari Lynn Maccallum practices Equine Rolfing primarily in Colorado and can also travel by special arrangement.

There is a phenomenon we have seen in equine physical therapy, patterns among the equestrians and the horses we treat. It is apparent that each effects the other through riding. In dressage, the seat becomes the foundation for both the stability of the rider and the initiation of the movement of the horse.

Ideally, the structurally correctness of the rider’s seat, pelvic bones, and hip musculature will be deep and in symmetrical alignment. The more awareness one has of their own body, the more accurately one can identify issues with their horse. Both horse and rider need to get treated for alignment. The combination of various physical therapy techniques like Myofascial release and joint mobilization has an effect on restoring structural alignment and soft tissue health.

Shari Riding on Starfire’s Norwegian Fjords at the National Western Stock Show

Shari MacCallum  has a background in Dressage, cross country, and stadium jumping, hunting and pleasure riding. She resides at her small farm in Berthoud, Colorado with her family and her Hanoverians Sebastian and MacKenzie, Dutch warm blood Slim, Norwegian Fiord Horse Jack. Shari also breeds wonderful Pedigree Ragdoll cats . You can view them at